After trying to practice Islam, by the grace of Allah I never felt any sense of confusion and agnosticism like many of the youths today in the least amount nor countering atheism attracted me for a second. Rather, the biggest challenge I faced and am still facing is- treatment of heart & free it from any notable spot of sin. I always feel the urge of major spiritual cardiac surgery which can only be successfully done by our scholars.

The medicines for the treatment of heart are well known- reciting & pondering over The Quran, doing Dhikr, pray with Khusoo’, control excessive eating-sleeping-talking, Qiyam al Layl and so on…But the thing hits my heart most is that no one is talking about how to ponder over the Quraan and use the verses as ointment for our heart, how to relate Dhikr with our daily life so that Dhikr affects our Amal as Saalih, how to be steadfast in Qiyam al Layl. Wallahi brothers, unless & until you talk and take advise about the treatment of your hearts from our scholars neither your “Mukhosh Unmochon” nor “Mazhabi-Ahle Hadis ganjam” will benefit you and us to the least. This treatment of heart will result in an excellent Akhlaq which many of the young brothers like us have almost given up. Pray for my surgery! Salaam.

১৭ আগস্ট, ২০১৫

তিতুমীর হল, বুয়েট, ঢাকা।